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(Updated March 17, 1998)
New stuff on "News", "Related Bands", and "Related Sites". Soon to come (possibly): .wav files of a few songs, thanks to Dianne.

the line-up

Jim White: percussion

Warren Ellis: electric violin/ fiddle, it's the same thing either way. (On another note, Warren started playing at around age 10 as a way to meet girls.)

Mick Turner: bass, guitar

They've been known to switch around some (not much, though) and incorporate a space belt (a plastic tube-type toy which when spun in the air makes ghost "woo"ing noises and has been discontinued supposedly because kids were strangling themselves with them but more likely because non-kids were making bongs out of them) from time to time, as well.

general info

The Dity Three are a spectacular instrumental group from Melbourne, Australia. They've released three full-length albums (The Dirty Three, Sad & Dangerous and Horse Stories) and a few singles, too. They're all some of the most acclaimed musicians in Australia currently and are also an amazing live band- It's kind of amusing to see Mick standing off to the side calmly playing the six-string guitar while Jim drums his ass off and Warren jumps around the stage, sometimes while smoking a cigarrette (of course). Even better are Warren's introductions to each song, which are long spiels about God-knows-what that can include references to drinking, getting high, dead lovers, living lovers, and- yes, that's right- Weezer.

This page was created July 5th, 1997. If you have anything to contribute at all, DO IT, I'm in desperate need of things to put up here. I'd especially like any scans of pictures that you may have. Credit will be given where credit is due.

Also, I by no means know the band, etc, etc, disclaim, disclaim, so don't e-mail me with wierd questions that I won't know the answers to. For tour dates and business-oriented information, go to The Billions Corporation, because I'm just a damn fan with too much time on my hands.

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